You Can Be Creative, Even In a Tiny Space (Like Mine!)


You don’t need a ton of space to be creative.

Now, that isn’t to say it wouldn’t be nice to have a sprawling studio in which to exercise your creativity, but it isn’t necessary.

I live in an 850 square foot house. We have two bedrooms that are busy being bedrooms. I’m steadfast in my conviction that a bedroom’s sole function is a place for rest. I don’t want it to be a room that I associate with work, or I won’t be able to sleep through the night.

My husband and I were a little concerned when we first looked at our house that it would be too small for our needs. But it has an expansive back patio and a saltwater pool and spa, so we decided we could compromise on space in order to have this backyard paradise.

I had to get creative about my creative space. I work primarily from home, so I’m adamant that I have a space that is all mine – nobody else is allowed to put their stuff in it! I have managed to carve out my own little place in our living room that is 25 square feet.


And it even feels private, like I’m in my own little room! It just needed a couple of well-placed bookshelves to create the desired effect.

That’s my office/studio behind there!

I work in here every day, and even recently completed the first draft of my first novel from this space. I blog from here, I make art from here, I daydream in here.

Would I rather have a space like this?

The Home of Marianne and Kore Yoors... Photographed by Leslie Williamson
The Home of Marianne and Kore Yoors… Photographed by Leslie Williamson

Or this?

Isabelle & Brandon's Lovely Los Angeles Cottage on Apartment Therapy
Isabelle & Brandon’s Lovely Los Angeles Cottage on Apartment Therapy

Or this?

Needlepoint Haven - Kaffe Fasset Studio
Needlepoint Haven – Kaffe Fasset Studio

You bet. And I’ll keep visualizing those things until I have a dream studio space one day. But I’m not going to let my lack of space get in my way of being creative now.

Think you don’t have the space to carve out your own little sanctuary? I challenge you to reconsider. I suspect that you have a nook or cranny somewhere that you can claim. A closet? Underneath a stairwell? A corner in the kitchen? Let your imagination go, you never know what you’ll discover.

Do you have a tiny creative space that you love? Please share! It’s wonderful inspiration to see how everyone else makes use of the space they have.