The 100 Day Project

What could you do with 100 dyas?
What could you do with 100 days?

I’ve been hit with the doldrums lately, feeling a bit tired and used up. I know enough about myself to know that sometimes the best possible cure for my malaise is to dive into a new creative project. The universe aligned to make that happen rather suddenly, and the very night that I was searching for my next thing, a friend of mine on Facebook posted about The 100 Day Project. And it was starting the very next day – April 6.

The concept is simple – what can you do with 100 days?

There’s a TON of things I’d like to do with 100 days, which would include everything from writing a new short story every day to learning how to watercolor. The catch for me is that I’m going to be traveling for about six weeks during those 100 days, so whatever I do has to be portable. I decided not to focus on writing, since I already do a large amount of writing every day. I wanted to do something with my hands, and something that could help me through my current existential crisis.

I took to Pinterest, as one does when one is seeking creative inspiration. I did a search for DIY projects, small art projects and the like. I thought about sketching hands for 100 days, but that sounded tedious. I thought about taking self portraits for 100 days, but that’s just really selfies these days and I already probably post a selfie a day.

Then I ran across some information about mind maps.

I’d considered delving into mind maps a few months ago, as a way to brainstorm blog post ideas. I saw some fantastically creative mind maps on Pinterest and created a board if you care to check them out.

Don’t know what a mind map is? You can read all about them here.

The next morning I went to Continental Art Supply here in Reseda (a fantastic art store if you happen to live in the San Fernando Valley) and picked up a sketch book. I figured I’d tote some colored pencils with me on our travels, which I already have. I also, on a whim, picked up some oil pastels, which I have never worked with and had me intrigued. Why not try a new medium while I’m at it?

I’m two days in, and this is what I’ve created thus far:

Day 1 - Mind mapping The 100 Day Project
Day 1 – Mind mapping The 100 Day Project
Day 2 - Mind Mapping Boredom
Day 2 – Mind Mapping Boredom

You can follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #The100DayProject. Or better yet, you can join in! It is not too late to jump into this boat with the rest of us.

What could you do with 100 days?