My First Celebrity Crushes


Valentine’s Day is here! In honor of the holiday that celebrates love, I thought I’d dig back into the vault of my pre-teen years and unearth some of the celebrity crushes I had. Or rather, the celebrities I obsessed over. Some of these are pretty obvious and mainstream, others a little offbeat perhaps. Some might even make you question what kind of kid I was, exactly. Anyway, here goes:

Corey Haim


This one is so obvious I’m not even sure I should include it. EVERYBODY loved Corey Haim. I suppose some loved the other Corey, too, but Feldman was a little rough-and-tumble for my taste. I craved the dimpled sincerity and foppish hair of my one true Corey. I really wanted him to be my boyfriend.


Tim Curry


Fun fact: when I was a kid, around 10 years old, I would fantasize that if I became terminally ill and the Make a Wish Foundation granted me one final wish, it would be to meet Tim Curry. I had vivid imaginary encounters with him – me in my hospital bed, him dressed as Wadsworth from Clue. What 10 year old has a crush on middle-aged Tim Curry in a tuxedo? This one, apparently.

Michael Jackson

Michael-Jackson-and-ETOh, Michael. You and I had such awesome dance parties in my yellow bedroom with the green shag carpet that made my butt itch when I sat on it. I would gaze upon your picture tacked to my hollow-core bedroom door, and pretend that it was me you were holding hands with, not E.T.


Judd Nelson


You know there has to be a bad boy in the mix, right? And who was badder than John Bender? That hair! Those boots! The soulful brown eyes belying his sensitive inner life!

Ken Ober

remote-control-ober_l1The host of MTV’s Remote Control? Really?

Yeah, really.







Andrew McCarthy

andrewmccarthy-medAgain, duh. Maybe I should just blanket cover all the cute boys from John Hughes movies. Although I liked him best in Heaven Help Us. He was good at the whole vulnerability thing.

Side story: I did have a real-life geek out moment as an adult when I went to see a play in Nyack, New York. I saw Andrew McCarthy in the parking lot before the show. When I took my seat, the seat next to me remained empty. Right before the curtain went up, he took that seat. I don’t remember what play I saw that night, who was in it, how I got home, nothing. But I do remember the feeling I had when I realized that Andrew McCarthy would be sitting next to me for over two hours in the dark.

Bill Murray


There’s something kind of warm and fuzzy about Bill Murray that I really liked even as a kid. This is why it doesn’t surprise me that I married someone who is sometimes mistaken for Bill Murray in public. But you know what? “It just doesn’t matter! It just doesn’t matter! It just doesn’t matter!”

Tom Hulce


I guess I had a thing for mentally unstable guys in powdered wigs and fancy dress.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Young-Photos-29I would imagine us stranded on an uninhabited island together. Please don’t ask me to elaborate. It would embarrass us both.






John Cusack


NOONE holds a candle to Lloyd Dobler. He’s just looking for a dare-to-be-great situation.

John Malkovich

still-of-john-malkovich-in-dangerous-liaisons-(1988)-large-pictureIs it the powdered wigs?

John Malkovich was the peanut butter to my jelly. When I took acting classes at Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago in high school, it was practically orgasmic to know that I was occupying the same space that he occupies (not at the same time, mind you, but still). I even went into the men’s bathroom at the theater, and marveled that John Malkovich had actually peed in there!

 Alright, your turn. What celebrities did you have crushes on as a kid?