Morning Pages Insight – What I Want

(originally posted on on 10/20/14)

Part of the creative recovery process laid out in The Artist’s Way are the morning pages. These are perhaps the most important tool of the entire journey and must be completed every day. First thing in the morning, you are to write three pages of free association. No editing, no censoring, just get it all on the page, even if it is nonsensical garbage.

I’ve come to the point in the process where we’re asked to go back and read these morning pages, looking for insights and calls to action. It’s a rather astonishing exercise. First of all, I’m awed by the sheer number of words and pages. If I dedicated myself to writing three pages every day, I’d have a book in two months. Wow. Secondly, while there is quite of bit of blathering on about mundane daily life, there are some genuine themes emerging, and bits of writing that I’ve done that are resonating with me.
Early in the process I made a stream-of-consciousness list of what I really want in life. Some of it is just basic, like wanting good health. Some of it is my dreams, like starring in a movie. But all of it is illuminating. I feel a little naked exposing this to you all, but I feel like naming what I want and putting it out there into the Universe is the first step in calling it to me. I am working hard to visualize abundance for myself and my family and friends, and to honor the notion that the Universe is conspiring to give me everything that I want. And that’s not a selfish notion – I believe that is true for everyone. You have the capacity to have everything that you want.
So, here it is. Here is what I want.

What I Want

  1. I want financial security.
  2. I want a strong and healthy family.
  3. I want a strong and healthy body.
  4. I want a rewarding, intimate relationship.
  5. I want a clear, healthy, and creative mind.
  6. I want to be respected in my field.
  7. I want to be a successful writer.
  8. I want to make my living from writing and acting.
  9. I want to be creative every day.
  10. I want to play in the sun and grow a big garden.
  11. I want to live somewhere that is beautiful.
  12. I want to marvel at nature on a daily basis.
  13. I want to travel and see more of the world before I am dead.
  14. I want to nurture the important friendships in my life.
  15. I want to see my parents and my family more.
  16. I want to have a peaceful relationship with my husband’s family.
  17. I want my friends to have the things that they want.
  18. I want to be happy.
  19. I want my friends and family to be happy.
  20. I want to spend as little time working as possible, and as much time playing and exploring my hobbies and helping people feel inspired by the world around them.
  21. I want to be a force and a voice of good.
  22. I want to be a good person.
  23. I want to be involved in my community.
  24. I want to be a good role model to young and old alike.
  25. I want to grow old gracefully.
  26. I want to embrace my flaws.
  27. I want to feel confident and strong.
  28. I want to banish anxiety from my life.
  29. I want to live peacefully, surrounded by nature and my cats.
  30. I want to write some books and go on a few book tours.
  31. I want some of my books to be turned into movies, movies in which my friends and I can star.
  32. I want to explore the world and explore my inner world.
  33. I want to meditate more and talk less.
  34. I want to be a beacon of light to others in the world who feel lost.
So there you have it. That is what I want, at least on that particular day in September of 2014. I feel it is so important to name these things, so that I can make a move towards attaining them.
What do you want? Have you sat down and written it out? I challenge you to take a little time to be abundantly clear, down to the smallest details and the biggest concepts, of what you want out of this life. And then tell me all about how you are achieving these things. We can do it – together!