A Joyful Noise

I’d like to welcome today’s guest blogger, Adam Hall! Adam is the founder of Homes and Habitats, a U.S.-based international non-profit devoted to the reduction of certain risks associated with increasing urbanization in the developing world. He’s also a damn fine travel writer.

Full disclosure – he also happens to be my husband. I think he’s pretty awesome.

We’ve had a visitor in our yard for the past few years, one that has hopped into Adam’s heart. He wrote a few, sweet words about it and I thought I’d share.

A Joyful Noise

by Adam Hall

Backyard wildlife
Backyard wildlife

It is officially Spring. Of course that comes with being the vernal equinox, but for us there is another marker, one that is more present and constant through the next six months.

Ferdinand is back.

He first signaled his return with a few days of chirping and croaking from a yard or two away (backyard, that is), moving closer as each day passed. We worried when the neighbor behind us chopped down their lovely shade tree (what possesses someone to do that?) fearing Ferdie would be crushed or tossed out with the arboreal detritus. And for a day we wondered. The noise and commotion must have traumatized him into silence. But then his familiar voice again drifted in our windows, and now he was definitely in our yard.

Finally, last night, we spotted him on the side of the spa. Ferdie was much plumper than when last we saw him, his soft body flowing like a boule resting after its first turn. Evidently he’s been cheating on his hibernation diet. But he is in full voice, pining for the mate who will never arrive, and provides his comforting contrast to the crickets through the evenings.

This year Ferdie has also begun calling during the day, perhaps getting more desperate as he ages. Tree frogs only live about 4 years, and this will be his fourth with us, so time is running out for his search for love. We wish him well, and look forward to being lulled to sleep by his lustful calls during the coming warm months.

Ain't he a beauty?
Ain’t he a beauty?